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GCE ProControl® (HU)

Tapasztalt mérnökeinket arra a feladatra kértük fel, hogy fejlesszék ki a már 18 éve a piacon jelen levő, népszerű, a Pontosság, Biztonság és Megbízhatóság szempontjából csúcsminőségű palack nyomáscsökkentők között vezető szerepet betöltő Dincontrol utódját. Számos m&oacut


Whole medical range is available on gcehealthcare.com The gas cylinder manifold MC25 has a capacity of 25 m3/h and is primarily intended for small and medium-sized hospitals. The gas cylinder pressure is regulated in two steps. The change-over between operating side and reserve side is made automatically without any differences in the operating pressure. The alarm signal comes from the pressure switches to the alarm unit. The alarm signals from

X11® Original

The GCE X11® Original is a complete system for cutting, welding, heating and soldering. With its ergonomic design and wide range, developed by GCE, it’s probably the most attractive product for light duty applications on the market. FURTHER ADVANTAGES The teflon washers on all attachments, for perfect seal, are easily replaced The quick connection nut enables rapid exchange of the welding head and the cutting attachment The knobs


SHANK Art. Nr. Material version 14025229   14025426     HEATING ATTACHMENT MULTIFALME Art. Nr. Lenght (mm) 14004183 750 14004184 750 14004186 670

X511® Original

GCE X511®, the original solution for all Industrial Cutting applications.The GCE X511® Original cutting torch range is made for perfect cutting, developed to meet industry’s highest demand. The design and profie is chosen to give perfect balance and optimum control in continuous operation. PRODUCT FEATURES Oval handle for positive grip The valves for regulation of preheating oxygen and fuel gas are forward mounted for easiest c

X501™ Original

X501™  is a reliable and safe torch even under the toughest conditions! The hand cutting torch X501™  is an injector burner (mixer with suction - ⊥), which is used for manual cutting and heating using a mix of oxygen and acetylene or propane. Cutting can be done in steel material up 300 mm thickness. The hand cutting torch meets all technical requirements and has been developed on the basis of current en


Device which enables valving of the combi valve to cylinder without removing the guard connected to the combi valve.


The GCE SAFE-GUARD-2 / MV93 range of basic flashback arrestors are available for connecting to regulators, hose lines and to torches.Manufactured to EN730-1 and designed to prevent flashbacks in oxy/fuel systems, they includes the safety features of sintered flame arresting element (FA) to quench flashback plus non return valve (NV) to prevent reverse flow of gases.FOUR MODELS ARE AVAILABLE FOR CONNECTION TO: Regulator (model RP) Hose line to


Whole medical range is available on gcehealthcare.com The MC80 gas manifold is suitable for medium to large sized hospitals. It has a flow capacity of up to 200 m3/h and is conveniently designed in modules. The MC80 reduces the gas pressure in two steps to a constant distribution pressure. Service and tests can be carried out with no disturbance in the supply of gas to the gas distribution system. 1. MC80 - HP UNIT This module contains two reg


The Pressure Watch has the same shut off function as an ordinary Emergency Shut-Off Valve Box. Behind the plexiglass you can find quick couplings and gauges. The quick couplings are used to connect spare cylinders with regulators and emergency supply hoses.QC are available in following national standards: SS, DIN, CZ, NIST, ...To inform the hospital staff regarding gas failures the Pressure Watch is equipped with sensors for one of the follo