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The pressure monitor makes sure that the lower distribution pressure for nitrous oxide compared to oxygen is kept.
The lower nitrous oxide pressure will be maintained according to standards even when the emergency supply is used through quick connectors or central emergency supply. The pressure monitor is equipped with a digital pressure monitor unit (MC7701) monitoring the current gas pressures, and giving all the visual and acoustic alarms required by standards. The signal to the gas alarm comes from pressure transmitters. The visual and audible signals can be sent to a manned area, if it is required.
The following gases are under surveillance: breathing Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Air and instrument Air. The alarm is indicated by an acoustic and and visual signal at the same time as the exact cause of the alarm is written on the display. This happens if the gas pressure rises above or sinks below the set maximum or minimum limits respectively. The pressure monitor is also equipped with bayonet coupling for breathing oxygen, nitrous oxide, breathing air, and instrument air. When necessary, it is possible to connect spare gas to these.

Item No.
Denomination Inlet pipe Outlet
ES pipe Alarm
0732818 O2, Air ø15 ø15 - MC7701
0732819 O2, N2O, Air ø15 ø15 - MC7701

O2, N2O, Air, Air-800

ø15 ø15 - MC7701

O2, Air with ES

ø15 ø15 ø15 MC7701
0732822* O2, N2O, Air with ES ø15 ø15 ø15 MC7701

O2, N2O, Air, Air-800


with ES

15 ø15 ø15 MC7701

O2, Air with ES

ø15 ø15 ø15 TOUCH
0732854 O2, Air ø22 ø22 - TOUCH
0732855 O2, N2O, Air ø22 ø22 - TOUCH
0732856 O2, N2O, Air, Air-800 ø22 ø22 - TOUCH
0732857 O2, Air with ES ø22 ø22 ø22 TOUCH
0732858 O2, N2O, Air with ES ø22 ø22 ø22 TOUCH

O2, N2O, Air, Air-800


with ES

ø22 ø22 ø22 TOUCH

*With central emergency supply from below


Item No. Gas Lenght Inlet
325197814 O2 1,3 m SW NUT G3/8" – 6 mm QC SS straight
325197815 N2O 1,3 m SW NUT G3/8" – LH QC SS straight
325197816 Air 1,3 m SW NUT G3/8" – 8 mm QC SS straight
325197817 Air-800 1,3 m SW NUT G3/8" QC SS straight



Gases: O2, N2O, Air, Air-800
Number of gases: 2 to 4 valves (DN15)
Working pressure: 4–5 bar (breathing gases)
  7–10 bar (instrumental gases)
  (-0,4) - (-0,9) bar (vacuum)
Maximum pressure:  16 bar
Safety regulator capacity
at 3 bar:
150 l/min
Tube dimension: ∅ 15×1 mm, ∅ 22×1 mm
Emergency QC inlets: QC by national standards
Pressure gauges: 0–16 bar
Pressure sensors: Transmitters 0–50 mV (special order); 4–20 mA
Regulatory status:

Complies with Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC

Complies with EN ISO 7396-1
(Central Gas Supply Systems)  
present SIS HB 370

Complies with EN 60601-1-2
(Electromagnetic compatibility)


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