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Medical terminal units provide a quick and easy connection of hospital ward gas equipment to the hospital gas source. The type of medical gas outlets are decided by national standards in each country and sometimes from local requests in each hospital. GCE complies with ISO 7396 and national installation standards with secure products where every product is fully tested in production. Our Medical gas outlets are in accordance with ISO EN 9170-1, ISO EN 9170-2 international standards.

  • Wall housing is compatible with all GCE MediUnit standards like DIN, BSI, SS, CZ
  • All functional components are from brass
  • Simple installation
  • Fast connection and disconnection
  • Designed for the medical environment, small size and easy to clean
  • Complies with colour coding and description by standard
  • After 10 years it is possible to upgrade the units with a special upgrade pack
  • Recessed and exposed versions
  • Bed head installation versions (customized solution on request)

Item No.
Denomination Type Marking
0732201046 O2 – RECESSED pipe Ø 10 mm O2
0732201049 N2O – RECESSED pipe Ø 10 mm N2O
0732201047 AIR – RECESSED pipe Ø 10 mm AIR
0732201050 CO2 – RECESSED pipe Ø 10 mm CO2
0732201048 VAC – RECESSED pipe Ø 10 mm VAC
0732201051 O2 – EXPOSED pipe Ø 10 mm O2
0732201054 N2O – EXPOSED pipe Ø 10 mm N2O
0732201052 AIR – EXPOSED pipe Ø 10 mm AIR
0732201055 CO2 – EXPOSED pipe Ø 10 mm CO2
0732201053 VAC – EXPOSED pipe Ø 10 mm VAC


Item No. Denomination
MP_00345 QC installation keys
MP_00324 Button remover
MP_01157ST Pendants/bedhead unit – installation tool
0732040 Installation plug (10 pcs)


Gases: O2, N2O, Air, CO2, VAC
Height: 73 mm
Width: 73 mm
Depth: 63 mm
Working pressure: 4–5 bar (breathing gases)
  7–10 bar (instrumental gases)
  (-0,4)–(-0,9) bar (vacuum)
Maximum pressure: 20 bar
Regulatory status:

Complies with Medical directive 93/42/EEC

Complies with EN ISO 7396-1
(Central Gas Supply systems)

Complies with EN ISO 9170-1
(Terminal units)


Complies with EN ISO 9170-2
(Terminal units for AGSS)

Complies with DIN 13260-2
(DIN gas specific connections)


present HTM 02-01


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