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Termékcsoport azonosítója: 3641

The alarms are summation alarms for both high and low pressure. In addition to this, a failure in the computer communication system, or a damaged signal cable (for example: cut off) is also indicated. The loudness of the sound can be adjusted by using the potentiometer placed behind the covering lid. At delivery the sound is set at medium.
The gas alarm G4 is available in two different designs, for recessed mounting and for exposed mounting.
The display will show any of eight languages chosen from stickers enclosed. The alarm is equipped with a rechargeable battery in case of power failure.

Item No.
325197713 Gas Alarm G4, recessed mounting
325197714 Gas Alarm G4, exposed mounting


To be used only together with digital Gas alarm - MC7701

Maximum units in serial connection: 10 units
Backup battery: 9 V
Working temperature: 10–40 °C
Power supply: From MC 7701 (15V; 4,5 VA)
Recommended cable: Signal cable 0,75 mm2
Computer wire like Alpha type 5472C
or similar
Maximum cable lenght: 400 m (between alarms)
Regulatory status: Complies with Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC

Complies with EN ISO 7396-1
(Central Gas Supply Systems)

EMC-tested in accordance EN 60601-1-2
(Emission and immunity)


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